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Nicole David,  founder of Melbourne’s Minimus Consulting, has over 20 years accounting and taxation experience.  A qualified Chartered Tax Advisor (CTA), Nicole has recently completed the Graduate Diploma of Applied Tax Law (GDATL).  

Always striving to ensure her clients are up to date and have a working understanding of their business and financials, Nicole is proactive.  She enjoys the challenge of clarifying and simplifying the complicated world of taxation and the Australian Taxation Office.

She worked as a Financial Controller for 5 years in the UK. She knows performance measures, what drives a business, what are value adds and how to make the most of your assets, be they tangible or intangible (ie. you!). She also appreciates the lifecycle of a business - the start up, growth, establishment, and the eventual exit plan. The development of a plan to go through these stages alongside considering the tax implications of a potential sale are essential to maximising your business nest.

Having the taxation expertise and the business acumen gives Nicole the experience to provide services for clients to succeed.

How can I help you?

Whatever your business, I can help you......

A trusted business advisor for small business entities, Nicole gives you back time to run your business.  You need not worry, your business nest is in capable hands.  The relationship between a business advisor and business owner is one of mutual respect, all parties need to appreciate each other’s strengths and knowledge.  For this reason, Nicole engages with small businesses that are looking for a close relationship built on trust, respect and mutual understanding.

Services include;

  • Accounting, tax and GST
  • Structure advice
  • Taxation consultancy
  • Business advisory
  • Estate planning
  • Virtual CFO
  • Personal Income tax issues

It can be daunting looking to the future and ensuring your business survives in the ever changing world. Nicole and her network will ensure you have all bases covered.  Typically our work together will be based on a business plan, where we follow that business journey together.

Nicole has substantial experience with complicated group structures, international tax, capital gains tax, small business concessions. She can explain what this means to you in a simple, non-intimidating way so you understand the decisions you may need to make.

Our journey

By your side on your business journey

Our relationship will be based on a mutual understanding of our talents, yours being the intricacies of your business as its owner, Nicole as an assistant to you for all things you don't have the time for. Nicole can be just your compliance accountant, but you will soon learn that she has the ability to help you in many ways you do not have the time or patience for.

If you wish to have a one-on-one relationship with a trusted business advisor, ready and available as and when you need, let's catch up and chat about our potential journey together.

What my clients say...


We recently moved our two companies and trust to the very capable hands of Minimus Consulting. Nicole is an extremely thorough accountant, meticulous planner and a brilliant advisor. Her level of service is second to none. Nicole is always available and happy to assist me with any query or concern. I know our entities are in safe hands with Minimus Consulting, thank you Nicole.


As a long time business owner, I've had many years of frustration with taxation accounting and book keeping. Since having switched to Minimus Consulting, I've been happily surprised to see someone who cares, is thorough and has resolved numerous errors from the past and corrected the tax returns.

Additionally, we have switched to Xero which has resulted in automation of hours of work previously done each month. All up our annual bookkeeping and accounting bill will be half the previous total and we're getting a proactive, personalised service and much better results.

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Let's catch up

Unsure of how Nicole at Minimus Consulting can help you - take the plunge, there is nothing to loose and everything to gain.

Thank you!

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Nicole David BBus (Acc) GDATL CTA